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During the period 1996 to 2000, 24 eminent, middle-aged, socially committed Indian citizens were identified, recognised, honoured in public with an award of Rs.10,000/- each and a title called 'DESASNEHI'. They are:

  1. Nandini Mundkur for her exemplary work for children
  2. Chennamma Hallikeri for her work among rural people
  3. H.Mahadevan for qualitative labour movement
  4. K.J.Alphonse for campaign against illegalities of the high and mighty
  5. Abdul Jabbar for continuous effort for justice to the gas victims of Bhopal
  6. Ullas Narayan Jajoo for community medical service
  7. Hemalatha Lavanam for reformation of 'Joginies' and criminal rural women
  8. Girija Koulagi for service among handicapped children
  9. Banwarilal Sharma for revolutionary movement against new colonialism
  10. G.R.Khaimar for anti-corruption and reform actions
  11. Narinder Bedi for Rural development & empowerment
  12. Madhu Kishwar for radical journalism & women's empowerment
  13. Nalini M Navrekar for village sanitation
  14. A.N.Yellappa Reddy for environment promotion
  15. Gaddar (Gummadi Vital Rao) for radical social revolution
  16. Corinne Kumar for women's welfare and empowerment
  17. Juli Cariappa for alternate farming and social work
  18. Claude Alvares for campaigns for public causes
  19. K.M.Natarajan for grassroots development and gramswaraj
  20. Kishore Saint for innovative education and environmental improvement
  21. Jyothi Raj for social revolution and Dalit cause
  22. Ajit Singh for protection and education of prostitutes' children
  23. Rashmi Mayur for global understanding and promotion of humanism
  24. S.Gurumurthy for constructive journalism and promotion of swadeshi movement
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