India Development Foundation
Origin, Dreams, Realities, Possibilities and Feasibility

A starlit night in 1994. Two buddies met after a long gap of 40 years. From 9 PM to 2 AM in Bangalore, India. They exchanged ideas, narrated each other's experiences and views of the world. They analysed their motherland's plusses and minuses, past and present. they dreamt glorious dreams for the future. Realities were discussed. Possibilities were thought of. Feasibilities were identified. Then got stuck with two basic questions: WHERE TO BEGIN? what is to be done?

Mid-December 1995 saw the birth of IDF. Looking back from 2001, its modest achievement has been heartening. Totally self-reliant, it spread its wings from Bangalore slums to several nooks and corners of India. It has been a learning process too.

The world is full of tension and helplessness. Yet, life has meaning and purpose. In 5 years, pulses of the people, vibration of young minds and some stark realities of life were experienced. Interaction with great and committed souls was another achievement. What best legacy could be left behind for posterity is the current quest.

C.N.Kesavan (Chairman)           E.P.Menon (Executive Trustee)

India Development Foundation
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